The big three ERP vendors are now the big four, as Infor has joined SAP, Oracle and Microsoft in the top tier, according to the Clash of the Titans 2016 report comparing ERP implementations by Denver-based Panorama Consulting Solutions.


The report also shows that Microsoft Dynamics ERP implementations now take significantly longer, almost doubling in time. SAP and Oracle have the largest overall project costs — with Oracle’s rising sharply since the previous report — while Microsoft Dynamics has the lowest costs.

SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics all showed an increase in actual costs versus planned for ERP implementations, while Infor showed a slight decrease in actual versus planned costs.

Defining the tiers is somewhat ambiguous, according to Eric Kimberling, Panorama Consulting’s founder and president; however, the criteria to define the tier levels includes the system’s scalability — how easily they can move up to handle large and complex implementations — the size of their installed base and the breadth of system functionality. Panorama considers SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and now Infor to be the only Tier I vendors, with a number of companies making up the Tier II and III ranks.

“The big change this year is that we now consider Infor to be a top-tier vendor [up from Tier II],” Kimberling said. “This is based on overall market share, as well as the nature of the installed base, as they have bigger implementations now in bigger enterprises. They have chipped away some business from SAP and Oracle, but I believe they have taken most away from Microsoft Dynamics. Ultimately, they have taken some from all three.”

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