InnovaSea Systems Incorporated, a Cuna del Mar portfolio company dedicated to open-sea aquaculture businesses, has selected The InnovaSea_Logo_01Copley Consulting Group to facilitate and deploy Infor’s CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) Solution. Anticipating a significant growth trajectory, InnovaSea will be better able to manage future financial reporting, engineering controls, and customer services for its aquaculture clients.

“We worked on a formal RFP process to narrow down ERP vendors that had experience working with a company like InnovaSea,” stated Frank Fay, CFO of InnovaSea. “We discovered the Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP and Copley’s experience to be the best fit for our company. Copley proved that they are well positioned to guide us on best practices while helping us implement quickly and with scalability and expansion in mind.”

The CloudSuite Industrial Solution will provide a more efficient flow of information and advanced communication capabilities to support the dynamic growth and complexity of InnovaSea Systems’ operations and processes. The fully integrated enterprise solution, implemented by The Copley Consulting Group, will deliver the needed functionality to advance requirements into the future.

Copley has the enviable position to collaborate with some incredible, ground breaking technology companies,” said Robert Lane, CEO of Copley. “InnovaSea is one of those exciting enterprises uniquely positioned as an innovative leader in the aquaculture industry. We are delighted to partner with them in the deployment of the Infor CloudSuite Industrial ERP solution. We expect that through the collective efforts of Copley and InnovaSea we will successfully implement Infor’s world-class business solution and support InnovaSea’s continued growth targets.”

The Copley Consulting Group will provide the installation, training, education, and implementation consulting to facilitate the deployment of the acquired business applications.

About InnovaSea Systems, Inc.
InnovaSea Systems, Inc., a Cuna del Mar portfolio company, is dedicated to supporting open-ocean aquaculture businesses by producing innovative, environmentally-focused sustainable technologies and service solutions for the industry. The company is developing a fully integrated open-ocean farming platform and continues to secure design and engineering talent in its mission to create the next generation of products for the open-ocean fish farming industry. InnovaSea is furthering plans for outreach to aquaculture companies by accelerating research and development, advancing support for responsible aquaculture operations in the open ocean and using fully integrated fish farming platforms.

About Copley Consulting Group
For over 25 years The Copley Consulting Group has delivered enterprise solution success to hundreds of companies, ranging from Fortune 1000 companies to start-up operations. As a Gold Channel Partner with ERP and Cloud market leader Infor, Copley implements world class solutions in the areas of ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence and Enterprise Asset Management. Offering extensive professional services as an integral component of our solution deployment, Copley provides training, education and technical services melded with a focus on Best Practices.

For additional information:
InnovaSea Systems, Inc.
Frank Fay, CEO, InnovaSea Systems, Inc., 888-540-5554, ffay(at)innovasea(dot)com
The Copley Consulting Group
Wendy A. Metz, Sr. Director, Corporate Communications, 855-884-5305, x 297, wmetz(at)copleycg(dot)com


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