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“One software maker is revolutionizing the way companies do business, from sales to employee performance.  Infor.”

Infor CEO Charles Phillips sat down with host Liz Claman on FoxBusiness’ “Closing Bell” program Wednesday to discuss how talent science can improve business performance with better hiring.

In her introduction, Claman states: “Every job requires a certain skill. … One software maker is revolutionizing the way companies do business, from sales to employee performance. Infor is the company, and what it does is meticulously track each metric and customizes it for each client. Macy’s, The Cheesecake Factory, and the GAP are now big followers.”

“Science and data have changed the game,” Phillips says. “Now industrial psychologists have learned how to measure a person’s personality to see if they’re a good fit for a job. So what we have done is use science and automate that process. We’ve now measured some 25% of the working population in the US. One example Phillips give is The Cheesecake Factory. Infor Talent Science helped the restaurant chain hire more empathetic wait staff, and their tips increased 44%.

Watch the “Closing Bell” interview: “Using science and data to streamline business”

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