Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology is the key innovation for the competitive business edge in the medical device manufacturing industry vertical. Progressive organizations in this manufacturing segment recognize an array of benefits to enable faster, productive and secure manufacturing operations, profitable sales and long-term competitive differentiation. Business success with new age medical device manufacturing operations is inherently dependent on the following critical benefits achieved with investments in superior cloud-based ERP solutions:

1.  Improved Order Fulfillment

Legacy ERP solutions no longer suffice optimizing order planning and fulfillment operations to meet diverse and often unpredictable market requirements. As a result, medical device manufacturers using traditional planning strategies and legacy ERP solutions leading to inaccurate planning face the consequences of underutilized inventory, sales shortfalls and stock-outs.

Next generation ERP solutions connect disparate information repositories and enable enhanced visibility into manufacturing operations, inventory, supply chain and external market demand with real-time information updates and integration with advanced analytics solutions. Advanced ERP systems integrated with sensor-based asset tracking systems provide current information regarding the available asset resources, and incorporate manufacturing speed, market distribution and demand in prompting optimum resources and raw material for production. With this information, medical device manufacturing companies deliver on-time performance and meet customer expectations with improved order fulfilment.

2.  Manufacturing Automation

Winning at medical device manufacturing comes down to operating as a productive organization that maximizes the potential of its human, physical and technology resources. This includes automating areas that require manual intervention prone to costly delays and inaccuracies. Advanced ERP solutions offer built-in automation capabilities in areas of billing, costing, specifications, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Work Plans, production, vendor management and partner performance, among others. These functionalities yield a significantly higher payback on ERP investments and yield immediate efficiencies and improvements in revenue performance.

3.  Serial and Lot Tracking

Medical device manufacturers cannot afford to manufacture and distribute faulty equipment to the market considering life-threatening risks associated with it. Advanced ERP solutions include automated eSignature based lot and serial tracking and traceability to enable swift recall processes and comprehensive audit trails. Modern ERP software for medical device manufacturing companies also support problem diagnosis and corrective and preventive action (CAPA) plans that get complex in dealing with indirect sales and distribution channels. As a result, manufacturing companies leveraging ERP solutions reduce risk to patients as well as their reputation by maintaining high standards of product quality.

4.  Compliance

Medical device manufacturing companies are in a constant struggle to maintain compliance to strict regulations enforced by government agencies such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Leading ERP systems help medical device manufacturing organizations in establishing measures throughout the medical device manufacturing lifecycle, from procurement to sales and distribution within strict, evolving and unpredictable local and global regulations.

5.  Enterprise Wide Automation

Today’s enterprise needs ERP as a unified, central and enterprise-wide information system that encompasses cross-departmental process automation and closed loop reporting. Medical device manufacturers need CRM capabilities supporting relationship sales strategies, mobile fields sales, service support, eSignature-based reporting, inventory management, accounts planning, marketing and support for sales representative, among other value propositions.

The benefits of advanced ERP solutions extend beyond these five key areas relevant to medical device manufacturing companies. Organizations pursuing cloud-based ERP solutions in replacing existing legacy ERP deployments are well positioned to maximize the returns on their ERP system investments. And for ERP systems implemented with careful and strategic planning, these benefits translate directly into high competitive differentiation and fast growing revenue streams.

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