cloudInfor CloudSuite Industrial ERP solutions presents unprecedented opportunities to manage information-driven business operations with advanced reporting capabilities. The value propositions go well beyond basic automation, information management and cost-savings.

Proven Power with Total Flexibility

Infor CloudSuite Industrial works to assist both manufacturing and distribution companies to improve their efficiency and respond more quickly to organizational and external economic circumstances. Whether your business is looking for additional resources to improve sales, sourcing, production or fulfillment, CloudSuite Industrial from Infor provides a world class enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to boost customer awareness of your brand.

Regardless of the complexity of your supply chain, clients have still been able to reduce spending and further increase the efficiency of production and delivery processes through the use of Infor CloudSuite Industrial to automate and manage these key business processes. The deep functionality, flexibility and scalability serve as the groundwork to fine-tune the efficiencies of your business processes and customer service. This approach works remarkably well across a diverse range of industries.

Extensible Framework

Regardless of the industry or field, Infor CloudSuite can adapt to meet your specific challenges and needs instead of forcing you to follow a clunky set of standard operating procedures. While other solutions would require expensive reprogramming to fit your unique business needs, Infor CloudSuite as an off-the-shelf ERP tool allows you to simply run your business and let the software work wornders.

As your business continues to grow and new needs arise, Infor CloudSuite’s unmatched scalability helps the ERP system grow with the organizational itself, providing the necessary resources and support to facilitate growing business demands. Organizations can integrate new software deployments into the software system infrastructure without experiencing any system downtime and integration concerns. If you decide to sell one of your subsidiaries, the data can easily be separated from that of your remaining assets. As an added benefit, cloud deployment enables you to use the software from any location across the Web without requiring in-house IT expertise.

Built-in Experience

Over 25 years’ worth of business experience and knowledge is integrated into the powerful ERP system. Role-based dashboards and KPIs, as well as in-context data visualization capabilities are just a few of the advanced manufacturing and supply chain planning functionalities built into the core of Infor CloudSuite Industrial. This allows you to focus less on your system and more on your business. Infor CloudSuite Industrial boasts the new generation of Infor user-interface for enhanced end-user experience and productivity.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial: Meeting the demands of your industry

When you make the decision to purchase Infor CloudSuite Industrial, you make the decision to implement a world class enterprise resource planning solution that can work to flexibly meet your business’s needs. Whether your business is in the aerospace and defense, automotive, machinery and equipment, high-tech/ electronics or industrial manufacturing fields, Infor Cloud Suite is able to seamlessly integrate into your business processes and provide your business with the help it needs to achieve success.

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