9.00.20 Town Hall

Friday, November 13, 2015
2:00 PM ET

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Are you a ‘fraidy cat? Superstitious? You may have noticed our next town hall is on Friday, the 13th. We think it’s a perfect day to stress our fear-free opportunity to upgrade. If you find yourself one of those who is nervous about change and fearful of the cloud deployment, join us for this town hall so we can dispel the myths and worries. We will explain how our team of experts will make your upgrade to Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial (SyteLine) a positive experience with no hidden horrors. When you get the facts, you’ll see the light.

We will also shine the spotlight on Infor CloudSuite Industrial’s new features, recent enhancements, and extended functionality, especially the new Pick, Pack, and Ship capabilities. Our featured presenter, Michelle Rydman, will demonstrate how Pick, Pack, and Ship:

  • Streamlines the order fulfillment process when multiple items are sold as a kit or package
  • Prevents errors and improves inventory accuracy
  • Helps ensure that warehouse personnel pick and pack the right combination of units

Infor can help you implement the latest release of your solution quickly, cost-effectively, and with minimal business disruption. Whether you are looking to deploy your solution in the cloud, as managed services, or an on-premises upgrade option, we will provide the insight, guidance, and how-to expertise to get the job done with minimal hassles and worries. Confidence comes from our expertise and experience.

Join us for this town hall to get the details and learn why the decision to upgrade is totally worry-free.

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