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Copley Consulting Group, a division of The Judge Group, is a recognized leader in the strategy and implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and business intelligence solutions in the United States. We pair small- to mid-size manufacturers and distributors with the foremost experts in software development and project management for the modernization and growth of organizations.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

When it comes to business transformation, there is arguably no better ERP than Infor, whose industry-specific solutions are simple, agile, and scalable. As an Infor Gold Channel Partner, we’ve designed, developed, and deployed ERP solutions for a wide range of industry verticals, as well as a micro-vertical solution for FDA-regulated manufacturers.

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Business Intelligence

Legacy systems, disparate data, and a lack of timely insights are the core challenges for most organizations. We’ll help you bring it all together with Qlik, a leading data integration and analytics platform. Every operation center within your business – from finance to purchasing to logistics to sales – will be amazed by the real-time data, proactive alerts, and actionable insights (powered by AI) at their fingertips.

Flexible ERP Implementation

Rivaling Copley’s expertise is its ability to implement ERP solutions flexibly and affordably given each organization’s needs. Below we highlight four delivery models.

This implementation approach is led by your internal project team with Copley experts providing guidance through a series of module-based workshops. Workshops cover core business processes in finance and operations supplemented by focused assistance with installation and enablement; execution of standard customer/vendor facing reports; data planning and execution.

Pros: This approach offers select clients the opportunity of low cost, self-implementation, while providing important guidance on enablement and core module business functions

Cons: Success is highly dependent on internal resources who have direct experience implementing enterprise level software solutions.

This implementation model offers a rapid deployment (in 3 to 4 months) with Copley experts executing nearly all of the work. This approach is ideal for start-ups or small organizations who have basic requirements and intend to leverage Infor’s core applications to get up and running and evolve into broader capabilities as business conditions demand.

Pros: This approach is cost efficient with minimal impact on your employees. Your organization’s involvement is limited to an intensive, multi-day session for solution design, data compilation, and user training based on Copley authored and delivered ISO level work instructions.

Cons: User adoption is best achieved through practice, repetition, and involvement in all phases of implementation, which this approach compromises.

This implementation approach involves deployment of Infor SyteLine or Infor CloudSuite™ (in 5 to 7 months) with shared program management and executive governance and oversight.

This approach is ideal for small to mid-size organizations requiring a thorough, but cost effective implementation that addresses a wide range of solution features and the business process variables encountered in most businesses. FDA validation using Copley’s exclusive FDA compliance solution is common in this model for regulated industries.

Cost savings are achieved by focusing business process design and core team training through a series of progressive Business Process Workshops and End-to-End Solution Testing sessions (Pilots). Your organization’s core team members representing the various functional areas assume responsibility for training the extended user community.

Pros: This thorough approach addresses business variables and unique organizational requirements, while achieving cost efficiencies. It also produces a more immersive user experience that achieves a higher degree of organizational adoption and ownership.

Cons: Requires a greater degree of involvement from your key staff over several months.

This final implementation approach involves deployment of Infor SyteLine or Infor CloudSuite™ (in 12 to 15 months) with the highest degree of Copley project management, governance, and oversight. This approach is ideal for large organizations (multi-site) with high regulatory requirements and is differentiated from Standard Implementation by the following characteristics:

  • An intensive degree of business process and technical expertise and project management.
  • Multiple pilots and data conversion tests
  • Greater emphasis on extended user training led by Copley experts
  • A larger scope of programmed data conversions
  • FDA Validation when applicable

Pros: The burden of implementation, including custom process configurations, regulatory compliance, and employee training, is placed squarely on Copley’s Infor experts━a process we have mastered over 30 years. This approach optimizes the impact on your human resources and offers peace of mind for a successful rollout across your entire organizational footprint.

Cons: Requires a higher implementation service fee (which can vary) and implementation can take up to a year or more.

Client Success Stories


Copley helped this Oklahoma-based biotech manufacturer go 100% paperless and save tens of thousands on a costly manual process.

Pine Pharmaceuticals

Copley helped this New York-based organization accelerate its business processes and minimize its FDA compliance risk.


Copley helped this medical device manufacturer meet FDA regulatory requirements and transform its customer re-ordering capabilities.


Copley helped this HVAC and automotive products manufacturer centralize its IT infrastructure and make smarter business decisions.

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