Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are essential for many distribution companies. Distribution companies are a unique breed, with industry concerns and challenges that set them apart from every other company out there. From a customer base that changes almost overnight, to technology within their industry. Distributors supply goods to retailers, dealers, wholesalers, and even directly to the end user. Regardless of the buyer, customer satisfaction remains a top priority. Given the multitude of distributor options available, your customer service must be top-notch; otherwise, customers will turn to the competition.

A CRM system gains significant traction when integrated with your ERP system, such as CloudSuite Industrial (CSD). This integration helps salespeople become proactive, opportunistic team members, rather than the traditional reactive, transactional order takers. Once a CRM has proven its worth, it becomes a resourceful and credible tool for your sales team.

Some of the benefits that a good CRM solution, like Infor OS, brings to distribution companies include:

Customer Service:
Having the ability to access all customer information on one user-friendly dashboard, providing everything from account sales and previous orders to any complaints or issues, enhances every interaction. This information is visible to everyone across the business.

Too many distribution companies continue to rely on manual processes, stacks of paper, and countless files to serve their customers. These mundane tasks can be streamlined and automated with the implementation of a simple CRM system. Companies can boost productivity and reduce time spent creating customer reports with the introduction of a CRM solution.

Increased Insight:
Each group you distribute to has different expectations and buying preferences. Treating them all the same will lead to problems. Each group needs to be targeted as a specific segment, each with its own distinctive needs and expectations.

Internal Communication:
CRM systems can facilitate improved communication across any business. Larger businesses often suffer from poor internal communication, and distributors are no exception. When used effectively, a CRM tool allows all departments to access every customer interaction at every stage.

Customer Relationship Management is essential for distributors as it enhances customer satisfaction, streamlines operations, supports data-driven decision-making, and ultimately, contributes to the long-term success and profitability of the business. A well-managed CRM helps distributors build lasting relationships with both customers and suppliers, creating a win-win situation for all.

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