The Copley Consulting Group is proud to have been named a top CRN Tech Elite 250 company, having earned the highest number of advanced technical certifications from leading IT vendors. Copley Consulting has a commitment to building and maintaining the technical skills needed to provide our customers with the highest level of service across the Infor and Qlik ecosystems. We are honored to accept this award and will continue to improve our skill sets and vendor certifications to meet our clients’ demands.

By bringing this technical expertise to our customers, we provide them solutions that delivers advanced security, auditable data, electronic recording, 2019_TechElite250-1-1and business intelligence capabilities to improve their business processes. Organizations today are looking for solution providers that fully understand the technology products they sell in order to ensure they derive the maximum business value from those solutions.

The Copley Consulting Group provides enhanced functionality, detailed documentation and targeted services for all its clients. As an example, for businesses in FDA regulated markets, we work hand in hand with clients to ensure their computer software solution is validated, as this is a critical component of maintaining regulatory compliance.

Copley Consulting is committed to maintaining the highest levels of certification and is excited to be part of this prestigious list of Tech Elite Companies as recognized by the premier reseller media company, CRN.

Please contact us if we can assist as you transform your business to meet compliance regulations.