Who is G.W. LISK?

G.W. Lisk is a New York based manufacturer of customer engineered solutions with facilities in Galway, Ireland. They are a global leader in providing custom engineered solutions to the aerospace, defense, on/ off highway, and oil and gas industries. They are recognized as an innovator in technology and manufacturing.

G.W. Lisk turned to The Copley Consulting Group and its European partner Gradient Consulting for the implementation of Infor CSI in its Ireland operation. Previously, G.W. Lisk had a significant manual processes in place for production and planning. Scheduling new orders and determining availability of materials was challenging. The implementation process spanned seven months from installation to go-live, yielding significant operational improvements. These results included more timely and accurate reporting, improved intercompany reconciliations and scheduling, better inventory management and improved on-time deliveries to customers.

Business Challenges

  • Manual processes for production and planning
  • Difficulties in scheduling new orders
  • Challenges in determining product availability
  • Wasted time on managing priorities


  • Timely and accurate reporting, resulting in improved inter-company reconciliations and scheduling
  • Better inventory management and improved on-time deliveries to customers
  • Improved financial reporting for the executive team leading to better and more informed decision-making
  • Better alignment with corporate team


“Working with Copley and Gradient to implement Infor CSI, we are now better aligned with our corporate team and have been able to improve scheduling, inventory management and order fulfillment for our customers. The results have been tremendous, with improved financial reporting for our executive team and better decision-making for the company.”

Ger Tarpey,
Managing Director of LISK Ireland