Copley’s Cybersecurity Practice

Our services address the essential elements of cybersecurity, from strategy, governance, and enterprise risk management to controls, architecture, implementation, and management. Tailored to your specific business environment and requirements, our industry expertise and our services help you make informed cybersecurity risk management decisions and improve your resilience in the face of ever-growing cyber threats.

Explore Security Solutions & Services

  • White Box
  • Black Box
  • Web Application
  • Network
  • Internet of Things
  • Hardware Devices
  • Wireless Networks
  • Cloud Security Assessments
  • Secure Cloud Design
  • AI use for Cloud Security
  • Managed Cloud Security
  • Operations
  • Network Scanning – Internal & External
  • System Patching
  • Device Patching
  • IDS / IPS Installation & Management
  • Secure Software Development Assistance
  • Secure Pipeline Development
  • Static Code Analysis
  • Dynamic Code Analysis
  • Developer Training
  • Data Classification Assistance
  • Risk Management
  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk Treatment
  • Compliance Readiness Pre- assessments
  • Policy Development
  • DOD & Federal 800-53 / FedRamp
  • ISO 27000
  • PCI
  • SOX
  • Network Architecture Assessments
  • Wired & Wireless Networking Review
  • Internet Service Provider “Good, Better, Best” Comparisons
  • Network Availability & Scalability Requirements
  • Network Security & Compliance Requirements
  • Data Loss Prevention Analysis
  • System Security & Monitoring
  • Systems & Infrastructure Security Monitoring
  • Security Operations as a Service
  • IDS / IPS Monitoring
  • Log Analysis & Notification
  • Incident Response
  • Ransomware Recovery Assistance
  • Senior level security consultants, providing strategic leadership, security strategy, & corporate security consulting for your business

Example Engagements

Security Operations

A Colorado based corporation engaged Judge to design and implement a Security Operations organization to defend them from the ever-changing threat landscape. Judge Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) worked to build this corporation’s Security Operations Center Teams from scratch utilizing on-shore & off-shore resources and training current operations teams to understand security for their organizations. Judge worked with the client to design, architect, and implement logging, threat hunting, red & blue teams, privilege escalation, data loss protection, and implement Zero Trust Networks. Judge SMEs worked with the organization to implement Cybersecurity measures using the current industry best practices to defend their infrastructure and data.


A London, UK based corporation engaged Judge to design and implement a 3-year roadmap to achieve ISO 27000 Compliance. Judge Consulting SMEs worked with the corporation, new with ISO 27001 team, to write their Information Systems Management System (ISMS) from scratch, passing the Phase 1 Audit with very few document revisions. This saved the team millions of dollars in implementation costs. Judge then assisted in the Phase 2 Audit with only 2 Minor non- conformities. Judge continues to assist with managing this ISMS, working with internal and external auditors to ensure this customer is well prepared to pass their audits without issue, including 2 full recertification audits.

Application Security

A California based corporation engaged Judge to incorporate application security into their Application Development Lifecycle. Our SMEs worked hand-in- hand with this customer’s developers and security teams to ensure application security was designed into the development process starting in the application design. This corporation was using Agile, so we worked with their CI/CD process to ensure they were releasing the safest code possible. Judge SMEs have created Secure Software Development Lifecycle, to include, scanning, open source code analysis, static code analysis, dynamic code analysis, and penetration testing focused on their specific type of industry. Judge was able to use our expertise to assist the customer with remediation of findings and training to ensure developers met release dates and understood the need to write secure code.