A Much Simpler Way

Are you still completing and processing expenses by printing out forms, filling these forms out by hand and submitting with a pile of receipts that you pray you haven’t lost? There are many expense tools that continue to require all this information, however digitally.  For CloudSuite Industrial users, there is a much simpler way.

Expenseline is designed for ease of use and efficiency in documenting and tracking standard expense reporting. Travel-related expenses are often the second largest line item for any organization, second only to payroll. Expenseline, a solution designed uniquely for Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine), provides users with a streamlined approach to recording, managing, and approving employee expenses.

Using the same tools and standards as CloudSuite Industrial, the solution is intuitive and simplified so user adoption can be up and running in less than a week’s time. Expenseline is already configured to integrate seamlessly to standard applications in Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine).

The design of this is to enforce compliance with expense management policies and procedures. Expenseline gives users and approvers a comprehensive set of tools to reduce the amount of time spent on managing expense reporting while controlling costs.

A user home page is displayed upon login where the employee, or an expense approver, can view the current status of expenses submitted in a graphical mode with easy drilldown into details. One-click access to corporate expense polices, including per diem rates, takes the guesswork out of employee expense submissions. With receipts document capture and credit card integration including American Express and other major credit cards, the efficiency and accuracy of Expenseline reduces inaccuracies and simplifies reconciliation.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Designed specifically for the Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) solution.
  • Seamless integration to Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) modules including Accounts Payable and General Ledger.
  • Ensures compliance with organizational policies, approval procedures and expense allowances.
  • Digitally captures employee receipts and references expense reports submitted.
  • Credit card integration to ensure accuracy in reporting and reconciliation.


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