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  • Seamlessly Track Assets and Schedule Maintenance
  • Manage Assets Throughout Their Lifecycle
  • Reduce Downtime and Streamline Service Operations
  • Gold-Standard ERP Implementation Services

For organizations, having full insight into your entire asset picture is crucial for understanding your assets and their depreciation. Likewise, it’s essential for organizations to also schedule preventative maintenance to sustain quality levels and reduce the threat of subpar performances. With Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial Fixed Assets and Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial Advanced Preventative Maintenance, you’ll have full control over asset management and maintenance schedules.

Manage Assets Throughout Their Lifecycle

Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial Fixed Assets give your organization full control over your assets, from acquisition to retirement and replacement planning. It’s a complete capital asset information and management system that gives you total worry-free and boundary-free control.

  • User-defined asset numbers
  • Useful life displays in year and month formats
  • Unlimited number of asset classes
  • Comprehensive asset definition, including location, PO number, manufacturer, and more
  • Seven predefined depreciation methods with options to add more as needed
  • Multiple depreciation schedules
  • Link to Purchase Orders

Reduce Downtime and Streamline Service Operations

With Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial Advanced Plant Maintenance (APM), organizations can manage their entire internal maintenance process, from scheduling preventive maintenance events to handling unexpected service repairs. The system extends the life expectancy of assets, protects against unscheduled maintenance, and prevents production interruptions, which can affect production demands.

Advanced Plant Maintenance helps profit-minded organizations enact proactive, asset-protecting strategies with:

Unit Configuration

Manage complex equipment, tools, and fixtures and track the detailed configuration of any date.

Automated SRO Scheduling

SROs of any type can automatically generate on a time or meter basis. All SROs are tied to the proper machines, giving the ability to track all costs

Resource Scheduling

View schedules for blocks of time required to perform maintenance and generate lists of maintenance orders for certain resources.

Gold-Standard ERP Implementation Services

Copley Consulting Group has been an Infor Gold Channel Partner for nearly 30 years. We offer the expertise and project management resources to make your enterprise’s Infor Fixed Assets and Advanced Plant Maintenance implementation seamless. We’ve helped more than 250 small- to mid-size manufacturers transform their operations worldwide.


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