ERP Solution for Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturing is a diverse industry sector that needs to be managed efficiently to maximize profitability in today’s complex and evolving markets. No matter how multifaceted your supply chain may be, cutting costs, reducing excess inventory, and responding faster to change will give your business an advantage. With over 30 years of experience in ERP implementations, The Copley Consulting Group delivers real-time solutions to help you and your team make better decisions. Our end-to-end software provides you with the tools needed to fine tune your business and solve your day-to-day challenges, quickly and efficiently.

Products and source materials can be delivered across the globe more quickly and economically than ever before. With this change also comes the need to gather and access data from various locations. Infor’s ERP software offered by Copley can be universally deployed in a matter of clicks, with each instance customized for local considerations. Once in place, data is synced in real-time from multiple sites so both employees and partners can access up-to-date design and distribution information, no matter where they are.

Our ERP solution can help your manufacturing company compete in the rapidly changing market by giving you the tools needed to manage high-volume production, deliver high-quality products more efficiently, and comply with regulatory requirements. Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial is a complete manufacturing ERP system that meets the complex needs of general manufacturers to help improve productivity, in the office and on the shop floor.

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