About Loudoun County Public Schools

Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS), is one of the fastest growing districts in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Established in 1870, LCPS is located in the rapidly growing Washington metro-area. Each year, approximately 2,500 new students enroll in the school system, and one to three new school facilities are opened to accommodate them. Forbes magazine ranks Loudoun County as the wealthiest county in America with a per capita income of $125,900. Smartasset.com ranks Loudoun County the happiest county in America, using an index that considers metrics including physical health, family stability and economic security.

Business ChallengesLoudoun county Public Schools
  • Low utilization and difficult to maintain data systems
  • Decommissioned data warehouse platform
  • Struggle to identifying students who would need help to succeed
  • Needed a solution that could be used across both academic and functional departments
  • Loudoun County Public Schools is now able to integrate multiple sets of data, utilizing Qlik Sense® to have real-time access to the right data to make better informed decisions.
  • The district is forming DICE (Data Integration Center of Excellence) teams across instructional and administration groups. Each team is tasked with creating an application that will greatly improve their group’s productivity.
  • LCPS wants to identify at-risk students, so they can determine those who need specific intervention in real-time. With Copley and Qlik Sense®, the district is putting in place data governance to track data elements such as discipline, missed assignments, and grades below a certain level as triggers to a performance issue. From there they can determine proper action to help a student succeed.
  • The district will be utilizing Qlik to define terminology for different data types, determine who owns the data and how clean it is. The district also plans to standardize how data is presented, whether it is heat maps, scatter grams, etc., to constituents such as school board members and parents.

“Implementing Qlik with the help of Copley has allowed us to have a ‘data scientist in a box’ solution for the entire district. Our hope is that this solution is very cost-effective, with a payback period of only a few months, and extremely easy to use for both statisticians and non-technical staff. Previously we would struggle with identifying the type of help students would need to succeed. Now we have the potential to capitalize on the data to make a difference in our student’s lives. We’re looking forwarding to reaping the benefits of the Qlik platform this coming school year.”
-Rachel Johnson, Director, Information Management and Data Security, Loudoun County Public Schools.