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Infor leverages AI and machine learning through its Coleman AI platform to power its ERP software. Coleman AI automates routine tasks, provides predictive analytics, and facilitates user-friendly interactions with natural language processing. This results in more efficient operations, better decision-making, and improved user experiences. The AI platform seamlessly integrates with the ERP system, transforming vast amounts of data into actionable insights, thereby driving digital transformation and business growth.

Key Features

Infor Coleman AI’s intelligent automation eliminates repetitive tasks

Intelligent Automation

The platform can automate repetitive, mundane tasks, allowing employees to focus on strategic initiatives. This increases productivity and efficiency across various business functions, from finance to human resources and supply chain management. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will shape the future of enterprise processes.

Infor Coleman AI prediction modeling is shown to help manage production backordering

Predictive Analytics

Infor Coleman AI uses machine learning algorithms to analyze historical data, identify patterns, and generate accurate forecasts. This enables proactive decision-making and helps organizations predict future outcomes, such as customer behavior, market trends, and operational efficiency.

Infor Coleman’s natural language processing makes complex data analysis more accessible to non-technical users

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Coleman AI employs NLP to allow users to interact with the system using conversational language. This makes complex analyses more accessible and user-friendly, even for non-technical staff, facilitating data-driven decisions throughout the organization.

Success Stories

Combilift leverages integrated AI to scale and meet service demand

Combilift, the world’s largest manufacturer of multidirectional forklifts, has 60,000 unique trucks in operation. Managing such a diverse set of trucks across industries creates servicing complexities, and the imperative for Combilift trucks to run optimally with the most uptime possible. Watch the full video to learn how Combilift is increasing equipment uptime and client satisfaction with Infor Coleman AI-driven part recommendations.

How Oliver Packaging uses Infor AI to stay ahead of demand

With changing purchase patterns and supply chain problems, it’s tough for companies to accurately plan for what products customers will want and when. Oliver Packaging & Equipment, a leading designer and manufacturer of premium food equipment and meal packaging systems, faces this exact challenge. But with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), they can more accurately and closely track and predict customer demand. And that’s critical as the organization plans to expand into new markets.

Gold-Standard ERP Implementation Services

Copley Consulting Group has been an Infor Gold Channel Partner for nearly 30 years. We offer the expertise and project management resources to make your enterprise’s Infor SyteLine implementation seamless. We’ve helped more than 250 small- to mid-size manufacturers transform their operations worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

By automating routine tasks, enabling predictive analytics, and facilitating intuitive user interactions. They transform data into actionable insights, aiding strategic decision-making. The impact is increased operational efficiency, improved resource utilization, better business forecasting, and enhanced overall business performance, driving growth and competitiveness.

Coleman AI is an artificial intelligence platform that uses machine learning and natural language processing to automate tasks, analyze data, and deliver predictive insights. It seamlessly integrates with existing systems, ingests and processes vast amounts of data, identifies patterns and trends, and provides actionable insights, enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making in organizations.

Coleman AI can ingest and process various types of structured and unstructured data, including textual data, numerical data, transactional data, and operational data from different business systems. This data serves as the input for its machine learning algorithms to learn patterns, generate insights, and drive intelligent automation and decision-making.

Coleman AI seamlessly integrates with an organization’s existing data architecture, connecting with databases, ERP systems, and cloud platforms. It works with both structured and unstructured data, and is built to directly plug into Infor’s business applications, as well as interfacing with third-party systems, ensuring a comprehensive data ecosystem.

Coleman AI prioritizes data security and intellectual property protection, adhering to stringent industry standards and regulations. The platform implements robust encryption, access controls, and audit trails to ensure data integrity, confidentiality, and traceability, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.

Yes, Coleman AI’s machine learning capabilities allow it to adapt to changing business models, customer preferences, and market conditions. By continually analyzing data patterns, it learns from new information, makes predictive insights, and helps businesses stay agile and responsive to evolving landscapes.

Coleman AI is highly customizable, capable of aligning with specific business needs. It can adapt to unique operational processes, industry requirements, and business goals, delivering tailored automation, data analysis, and predictive insights. Its flexible architecture allows seamless integration with various business systems for a cohesive, personalized solution.

Infor provides online resources, workshops, webinars, and direct support to assist your implementation team. For greater assistance, Copley Consulting Group can oversee all aspects of your organization’s implementation, including technical assistance and user training to ensure a successful launch and to maximize platform utilization.


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