About Meridian School District #223

Meridian School District #223 is a school system in central Illinois that works to achieve a district culture that encourages collaborative participation among all stakeholders while supporting individual differences and preparing students to be ready for life. The Meridian School District is comprised of four schools ranging from Prekindergarten to Grade 12 with only 1,700 students in the system.

Business ChallengesMeridian school district
  • Move away from manual process to analyze district data
  • Unsustainable, intensive processes to analyze data
  • Costs associated with data analysis for a midsize district
  • Lacked in-depth vision on future school performance
  • Meridian School District is utilizing an innovative per student subscription model developed to allow the midsize district to take advantage of advanced analytics capabilities typically reserved for larger organizations.
  • Copley and Qlik delivered a first of its kind per student yearly subscription model that will be a model for other districts who find lower tier analytics solutions are not meeting their needs.
  • Instead of the traditional pricing model which requires a large upfront investment, this new model allows for an annual subscription spread over several years to meet the budget of smaller districts.
  • Meridian now has the tools in place to change their focus from collecting data to using it to drive student achievement.

“Previously, we were data rich and information poor and had no way to quickly analyze the immense amount of information we were collecting. Now we have the tools in place to change our focus from collecting data to using to drive student achievement. We will be rolling this out to teachers shortly and look forward to improving the success of our students and faculty.”
-Dr. PJ Caposey, Superintendent, Meridian School District #223