Small District Taking Advantage of Cost-Effective Subscription Model for Enterprise-Class Data Intelligence

The Copley Consulting Group, a Qlik Elite Solution Provider, announced today that Meridian School District #223, a school system in central Illinois, has implemented the Qlik Sense® platform to utilize Big Data analytics typically reserved for Fortune 500 companies. Meridian is utilizing an innovative per student subscription model developed jointly by Copley and Qlik that allows the district to take advantage of advanced analytics capabilities at a cost-effective price point.

Previously, Meridian had in place a manual process to analyze district data which was not delivering the desired results. With a time intensive process that was not sustainable, the district looked for an analytics solution that would provide the depth of vision on school performance in a streamlined fashion.

Copley and Qlik delivered for Meridian a first of its kind per student yearly subscription model that provides enterprise-level data analytics at the right price point for smaller districts. Instead of the traditional pricing model which requires a large upfront investment, this new model allows for an annual subscription spread over several years to meet the budget of smaller districts. Copley plans to use the Meridian implementation as a model for other districts who find lower tier analytics solutions are not meeting their analytics needs.

“Implementing the cost-effective subscription model from Qlik and Copley will create a number of opportunities for our small district,” said Dr. PJ Caposey, Superintendent, Meridian School District #223. “Previously, we were data rich and information poor and had no way to quickly analyze the immense amount of information we were collecting. Now we have the tools in place to change our focus from collecting data to using to drive student achievement. We will be rolling this out to teachers shortly and look forward to improving the success of our students and faculty.”

“Our main goal is always to focus on the client’s needs and come up with a solution that works best for them,” said Robert Lane, CEO of The Copley Consulting Group. “We worked closely with Qlik to deliver a new subscription model that works well for the constrained budgets of smaller school districts. With customers such as Meridian, we see significant opportunity to work with districts who would not have traditionally been a candidate for enterprise-level data analytics.”

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