For thousands of Health and Human Services agents, the story is all too similar.  Not having access to the right information at the right time is hindering opportunities in the field and is cost-prohibitive on many levels. Charged with enhancing programs with improved quality and care to the people they serve, most agencies are thwarted with a lack of alignment and rules on data sharing while still utilizing outdated and inflexible legacy systems.

The Copley Consulting Group and Qlik know the value of integrating scalable, cost-efficient analytics. With most organizations overwhelmed with enormous and continuous data, the ability to organize this data is vital for success in health and human services. Powerful and modernized analytics help solve critical issues often with “breakthrough” insights.

Translating faint signals into actionable decisions and minimizing waste and fraud are the two most critical benefits to public agencies and organizations. Using The Copley Consulting Group and Qlik’s Modernized Analytics for Health and Human Services transforms agencies to best use data from the past to solve for problems and issues of the future.

“Gaining meaning from various resources across agencies and from big data can be crucial to awareness, insights, and decision making,” stated Jonathan Lincheck, VP Analytics Technical Sales, and Theatre Presenter at the 50th Annual ISM Conference ( in National Harbor, MD. “With trusted, scalable platforms exploring data and collaborating on findings with Modernized Analytics for Health and Human Services helps agents drive meaning and understanding from disparate data sources and can even predict future events.”

The ability to accurately forecast workloads and streamline program operations and accountability helps agencies focus on what matters most for families and communities.  With improved quality and care, this technology is enabling agencies to work across enterprise boundaries and accelerate the pace of change to produce better outcomes.

At this year’s 50th Annual ISM convention, the largest HHS technology event dedicated to improving the delivery of health and human services, state and local IT leaders, federal partners, thought leaders, and private industry experts share and promote solutions to support the mission and vision of HHS programs. The conference promotes cutting-edge IT solutions and innovations and connects IT professionals with private sector partners dedicated to improving the delivery of health and human services.

“The Copley Consulting Group and Qlik are excited to be at ISM again this year,” stated Robert Lane, CEO of  Copley. “After being selected by MD Think earlier this year, we believe Modernized Analytics for Health and Human Services has significant value for agencies and departments to streamline data and improve the customer servicing process.  Agencies can now significantly increase the quality of care and social service programs while measuring impact and improving outcomes.”

Announced by Maryland Governor Larry Hogan in March of 2017, MD Think, or Maryland Total Human-services Information Network, is a cloud based data repository that aims to break down traditional silos and data barriers between state agencies and provide integrated access to programs administered by agencies including DHR, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Department of Juvenile Services, and the Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation.

The MD Think platform is expected to deliver significant cost savings and increase agency productivity and efficiency.  Its scalable, cloud-based platform will enable enhanced data analytics from Qlik to be utilized by agencies state-wide to deliver streamlined program operations and services to state residents.

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