About Pine Pharmaceuticals

Pine Pharmaceuticals provides pharmaceutical compounding, including specialized sterile formulations serving ophthalmologists, retinal specialists, hospitals, medical practices and clinics. Their sterile compounded preparations are made to order and formulated using cutting-edge technology and industry-leading quality assurance practices.

Business ChallengesPine pharmaceuticals
  • Disparate systems which did not connect to each other
  • Manual quality system and inventory processes
  • Lack of integrated solution to mitigate FDA compliance risk
  • Need for system to meet current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)
  • They have implemented the Copley FDA Extended ERP Solution based on Infor CSI to automate all processes and accelerate the growth of their organization
  • Pine will be moving away from their manual quality system and inventory processes to an automated system
  • Pine will also be looking to put a more formal purchasing and planning system in place that they were missing prior to choosing Copley
  • The ERP system will help to increase efficiency and accelerate business processes while putting in place a solution that helps them meet strict FDA requirements

“We had a number of different systems in place that required very manual processes to get the information required.” With the continued growth of our company we needed to have a solution in place that could improve our processes to support this growth, while also helping us meet FDA requirements. With Copley we have the support we need to get the solution up and running to automate all of our processes and accelerate the recent success we’ve had here at Pine.”
– Alfonse J. Muto, President of Pine Pharmaceuticals