Automate Inbound and Outbound
Multi-Carrier Shipping with PIYOVI

Copley Consulting Group offers PIYOVI and their worldwide multi-carrier shipping system that enables businesses to precisely calculate rates, streamline shipping processes, generate compliant shipping labels and documentation, and monitor shipments from start to finish, all the way to proof of delivery.

With over two decades of extensive experience in meeting business requirements for automating shipping and transportation procedures, our distinctiveness lies in our capability to harness integrated cloud solutions. PIYOVI has more than 30 years of proficiency in top-tier software development, efficient implementation services, and delivering dependable support to enterprises worldwide. The central objective of PIYOVI has been to empower customers to effortlessly incorporate transportation procedures into their current IT framework and warehouse infrastructure. Facilitate cost reduction, process automation, enhance customer satisfaction, and ensure that your transportation operations become a distinguishing factor in your industry.

A Leader that brings Organization to
Cover all Shipping Requirements

PIYOVIs expertise has a particular emphasis on transportation processes. They possess an in-depth understanding of the intricate nuances within different geographic regions, the variations dictated by transportation modes, and the intricate nature of compliance requirements. Moreover, their extensive functional knowledge extends to various ERP/WMS systems, including robust platforms like Infor CloudSuite Industrial (CSI). These systems, while comprehensive, often necessitate specialized functionalities. PIYOVI identifies the gaps in transportation functionality within CSI.

In addition to their functional expertise, they are also at the forefront of next-generation technology. PIYOVI is well-versed in creating scalable, cloud-native solutions that are highly configurable and boast a user-intuitive experience. Understanding the critical role of carrier integration in the success of transportation implementations, since collaborating with over 300 carriers spanning different geographic regions and transportation modes. Through dedicated resources, they ensure that carrier integrations are seamless and efficient, thus contributing to the overall success of your projects.

PIYOVI Streamlines Shipping & Enhances Transparency

Elevate Shipping Efficiency and Maximize ROI Benefits. PIYOVI consistently evolves in tandem with your changing requirements. As you make the transition to Infor ERP, PIYOVI guarantees synchronized progress with your evolving demands. The cutting-edge speed, unwavering commitment to compliance, consistent reliability, and proactive support all work together to enhance your ROI impact.


Package handling, encompassing shipping, tendering, and label management across major and regional carriers.

Shipping Automation

Pack & ship in one-click to get shipment rate, tracking number(s), carrier label(s), and other documentation

Global Trade EEI SED

File your exports and imports electronically avoiding manual entries & costly broker fees while improving accuracy.

Address Validation

Automatic address correction with residential/commercial classification to avoid shipment penalties and delays.

Track & Trace

Get end-to-end visibility of your shipments including all milestones, exceptions, and POD with signature.


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