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Prophix Financial Management

Prophix Helps You Budget, Plan, and Report Automatically.

As businesses grow, budgeting and financial planning becomes more complex and difficult to manage.  Budgeting while using spreadsheets can be time consuming and creates the opportunity for mistakes.  By automating the repetitive tasks and focusing on making better business decision will improve profitability and minimize risk.

When budgeting with Prophix, you can budget with ease by modernizing your planning needs, centralizing your data, streamlining your processes, and enabling automatic consolidation. Prophix will empower your financial team to become more agile in the day-to-day operations.

Simplify & Automate Your Financial Processes

Prophix works to automate repetitive business processes such as report generation, allocations, and data imports.  Using pre-populated data, you can utilize the pre-built functionality, to consistently create budgets, plans and forecasts. To ensure critical steps are never overlooked, your finance department can leverage the Prophix Automation Center, to run multiple processes together.

Accelerate your performance by streamlining the process of adding new employees and financial data. Automating the amount of data that is collected can help not only keep things running smooth but can also free up time for more important decision making.  With automation, you can spend less time on manually inputting data into spreadsheets.  Manual processes are inefficient and time-consuming and pose the threat of human error. Improve productivity, gain insights, and create business value by integrating all your manual processes seamlessly into Prophix’s workflow manager.

Case Study

Zildjian Selected Copley Consulting for ERP

Zildjian partnered with The Copley Consulting Group to install, manage and support their ERP system.
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