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Modern data analytics is transforming life sciences. There are few industries as complex and data intensive as life science organizations. All 20 of the world’s leading life sciences organizations rely on Qlik to empower business users and decision-makers by providing access to on-demand analytics and insight anywhere, anytime.

Executive Dashboards & Scorecards 

Executives in today’s life sciences companies are facing rapidly changing regulatory compliance rules and global market pressures. With Qlik’s life science applications and KPI’s can be accessed using any mobile devices including, iPhones, iPads, Androids or any tablet device. This interactive solution allows executives to dive deeper into that information to provide answers that keeps the business driving towards growth and success.

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Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is a critical consideration for all life sciences companies. Qlik provides the ability to collect, organize and analyze large volumes of compliance data and provide critical reporting, event notifications, and benchmarking to facilitate FDA and other regulatory compliancy.

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Physician & Patient Analysis & Targeting

In the life sciences industry, understanding the market means knowing what patients and physicians need, think, and do. Qlik provides the platform and applications to help analyze and target physicians and patients.

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Portfolio Management

The only thing constant about today’s life sciences industry is change: Change in regulatory requirements and change in market drivers. Qlik provides the ability to identify product gaps, assess complementary drug technology and intellectual property, and make fact-based recommendations to reinforce and complement existing strategies.

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Client Trial Management 

Clinical Trials related to new protocols can be lengthy, complex and costly. Qlik provides the platform and applications to organize and analyze clinical data while delivering the means to collaborate with stakeholders both inside and outside of your organization.

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Operations & Financial Management 

Life sciences companies are faced with complex and data intensive needs to facilitate timely decision making and reporting to management, staff, investors, regulatory agencies, patients and healthcare providers. Qlik provides the platform and applications to unify disparate sources, organize data and provide the capability to delve deeper into that information. Qlik is built to assemble data fast, secure, and collaboratively.

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