Data Analytics for Police & Public Safety

Police and Public Safety Departments are inundated with data and information. From Dash cams to body cams to emergency incident reports and criminal intelligence, having the right data at the right time helps police solve crimes and protect citizens. With Qlik Analytics you’ll get best in class data and visualizations to quickly drive meaningful and life-saving decisions. Qlik has the ability to analyze emergency incident reports, 911 calls and criminal intelligence from any angle and across any time period, to enable you to uncover trends that otherwise would have remained hidden.

Analytics Dashboards to Provide Up-to-Date Data

When using the Qlik Dashboard, Police & Public Safety Departments can get an accurate, up-to-date, holistic view of an offender throughout their lifecycle. Combine internal data with external sources, such as the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System and the National Incident-Based Reporting System, in a single interface. Over time, departments are able to decrease costs while improving offenders’ futures.

Qlik works with your existing case management systems to provide a single view of all case data in one interactive application. With Qlik GeoAnalytics® you can visualize thousands of crime related data points on a city map. Police & Public Safety Agencies are empowered to make faster and better-informed decisions by encouraging and enabling exploration, Qlik lets users uncover a story within your data.

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Police & Public Safety Clients



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