Business Analytics for Public Sector

Data has become the key to making better decisions while striving for transparency with constituents. With the continued presence of older, legacy platform, Qlik provides a means to unify data from historical silos, while providing a modern-day analytics solution to gain significant insight and deliver on the charter of each agency and institution.

Embedded Analytics – Transparency through Visualizations 

In the Public Sector, embedded analytics is no longer a might have or nice to have but a must have. Transparency with data is building a trust between agencies and constituents. Qlik’s embedded analytics capabilities provide that bridge. The Qlik platform is designed to allow you to embed Qlik’s powerful visual analytics capabilities easily and flexibly into your own applications.

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Associative Engine – Connecting Disparate/Big Data

Government agencies and educational institutions are challenged with voluminous, disparate, unconnected data sources. Connecting and compiling those repositories is exceedingly difficult. With Qlik’s Associative Engine, the ability to index and understand the relationship between all the values of in your data, both related and unrelated, accelerates your ability to explore and gain significant insight at a fraction of the time.

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Modern Analytics – Mobility

Mobility has become an essential requirement for Public Sector agencies allowing for decision making and problem solving while in field situations. Qlik brings the power of analytics directly to the point of decision. All features, including visualization, analysis, creation, collaboration, and administration are available anywhere.

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Collaboration – Spread Knowledge & Insight 

Qlik uses popular portable formats like Microsoft® Office and PDF, so it’s easy to share reports with anyone. Centralized distribution and a self-service subscription hub allow everybody to get the right reports when and how they need them. And with role-based security and multi-threaded, multi-engine scalability, Qlik is designed to support the Public Sector.

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