Are you equipped to grow your business? Do you want your business to run at peak performance? If your company is experiencing growing pains and looking to enhance performance, you should first check your ERP system. If it’s outdated, more than likely you will slog through the growth process and end up with more issues than successes.  A modern ERP system grows with you and not only meets but exceeds your performance and growth demands.

Three key performance areas often suffer during business expansion which necessitates investing in a modern ERP system:

Data Performance:
The data that flows through your ERP system is the lifeblood of your company. No longer is data stockpiled in multiple silos; it can be accessed through one universal business portal, allowing it to be a single source of truth for your company. But to optimize the information your growing business requires; you need a modernized ERP system that will autonomously enhance data performance. Your ERP will provide a centralized database, streamline business processes, provide real-time reporting, and offer advanced data analytics capabilities. All tasks requiring manual processes, such as data entry, record-keeping, HR, and procurement, should belong to your ERP which allows you to grow your business without having to significantly increase the size of your departments–if at all. Better yet, accurate data equals accurate and informed decision making. By using a modern ERP system, organizations can improve their ability to make data-driven decisions and achieve their business goals more efficiently and effectively. Enhanced data performance makes it possible to grow your business without investing in additional personnel or real estate.

Employee Performance:
If data is the lifeblood of your company, your employees are its heart. While modern ERP technology “can effectively power your organization, it will also empower your employees.”1 By automating manual tasks and streamlining business processes, a modern ERP will enhance your business’s overall employee efficiency and productivity as you expand. Your ERP, by providing centralized data and real-time visibility into various aspects of your business, such as inventory levels, order status, and financial performance, will help your employees identify issues and opportunities much more quickly. Employees in multiple departments and remote locations can easily access any ERP information to make strategic decisions based on real-time data.  Centralized data also promotes collaboration and communication, so employees can work together more effectively and efficiently. Ultimately, improving your processes will allow your employees to better manage your clients’ needs and keep an eye on the big picture as your business grows.

Process Performance (Scalability):
A modern ERP will keep you from using “growing pains” as an excuse for non-performance.  How often have we read
“pardon our construction as we expand” when we are working with a rapidly growing business? Gone are the days you need to apologize or even excuse your “mess” to your client base as you expand. Modern ERP solutions are equipped with the agility you require to personalize or expand your processes alongside you as you build your business. You can add functionalities and integrate with existing or new systems to adapt to your ever-changing business requirements as you introduce new products and services or expand into new markets. ERP software solutions, especially cloud-based ones, can also add or remove users, storage, and computing power as needed without incurring significant capital expenditures, freeing you up to invest in other aspects of your growing business.

Overall, ERP technology can help improve business performance by improving efficiency, accuracy, visibility, collaboration, and customer service. Basically, you work smarter, not harder, and you grow with ease.  When you modernize your ERP system, you can do more with less: less time, less manual labor, and often, less money. And when your business is growing, less is more.

  1. How to Empower Your Employees

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