So you’re an Infor ERP user. You have a robust system that sets you up for success, and now it’s time to extend the value of your company’s investment. Your ERP handles an incredible amount of information every day, across possibly dozens of departments.

If you’re looking for continuous improvement opportunities, don’t forget the first mile. Look to your buyer-supplier relationships as a chance at a solid win.

Buyers work alongside your suppliers every day, and almost all of them use outdated tools and processes to get their jobs done. This includes emails, spreadsheets, and manual data entry into your ERP system. This leaves buyers mired in long hours of clerical work and inevitable errors.

Without an Infor supplier portal, purchase orders (POs) can take days to process. Acknowledgments may or may not be sent or received, and lags in supplier communication make it virtually impossible to forecast accurately and maintain profitable inventory levels.

Enter SourceDay. SourceDay is not an ERP; it’s a collaborative Infor supplier portal solution where buyers and suppliers can easily work together on purchase orders.

Our research shows that over half of all PO lines will change at least once in their lifetimes. Each change requires communication, acknowledgment, and entry into the ERP system. For direct material supply chain teams, these tasks often require work to be done evenings and on weekends.

With SourceDay as your Infor supplier portal, these tasks are automated, organized, and require only a matter of minutes. All communication between buyers and suppliers is consolidated into one place. Each message is sent within the context of a purchase order and every user is automatically notified about each pending task.

Buyers manage by exception, instead of combing through endless spreadsheets, hoping to notice critical data points. And SourceDay stays constantly connected to your Infor ERP, automatically writing data to the planning system and ensuring that every piece of information is 100% accurate all the time.

This level of real-time visibility is only accessible through a strong supplier portal like SourceDay. Armed with this information, supply chain teams can quickly make adjustments to production and inventory planning, giving them the agility to make smarter decisions and keep customer satisfaction high.

Speaking of smarter decisions, let’s chat about supplier performance. If you’re operating with siloed or inaccurate data, you will not have a clear view of how well suppliers are performing.

Who delivers on time and who doesn’t? How often does Supplier A deliver partial shipments? Does Supplier B send acknowledgments quickly?

When you’re armed with this information and more, you can make strategic decisions about how to improve supplier performance and which suppliers to focus your energy on. For example, if Supplier A has the lower price on a part, but often experiences delays, it might make sense to diversify your supplier base to ensure you always have the inventory you need right on time.

When you adopt SourceDay as your Infor supplier portal, you get immediate access to real-time supplier performance information through the supplier scorecard function. This is your window into performance and a huge step toward building a supplier base that is profitable for you.

Some teams may be reluctant to introduce a new solution to their systems. Cumbersome though they may be, these systems are familiar and have had a certain level of success.

One reason for the reticence is that a new software can require a lot of time and work to implement. Not so in this case. SourceDay’s solution is up and running in about 90 days, with implementation and training all executed by the SourceDay team.

Another common refrain is that adoption is traditionally difficult for new implementations. SourceDay’s customer success team handles implementation and training, spending time with each user to make sure they understand how to get the most out of their new Infor supplier portal.

Think about it this way: SourceDay makes the job easier for everyone on each side of direct materials operations, and as soon as users see how efficient and accurate their jobs can become, they almost immediately buy-in. We’re so sure, when you adopt SourceDay as your vendor portal, our team guarantees a 70% supplier adoption rate.

SourceDay works alongside your Infor ERP as an Infor supplier portal. Buyers and suppliers communicate seamlessly, data is 100% accurate in real time, and every shipment and purchase order line is automatically accounted for. SourceDay automates the entire buying process, eliminating dozens of hours of clerical work, reducing overwork and burnout, and boosting supplier performance like never before.

Ready to jumpstart your direct materials supply chain? SourceDay has the answers. Let’s get together and we’ll go over how adopting our solution as your Infor supplier portal can help you hit your goals, improve profitability, and beat the competition. Drop us a line here to get started.

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