All the tools you need to automate
and scale lead generation and sales

Copley Consulting Group is a certified Hubspot partner, which means we can add even greater value to your organization’s technology stack. Our implementation specialists can help your organization leverage the full potential of Hubspot’s inbound marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions━whether you need integrations, data migration, training, or ongoing support.

A Leader in B-2-B Marketing and Sales Automation

HubSpot offers a comprehensive set of marketing and sales solutions to help small to mid-sized manufacturers streamline their processes and grow. There’s a strong chance your marketing and sales teams are already familiar with them. Here are some of the benefits they love:

All-in-one platform

Hubspot’s marketing platform and Sales CRM are integrated, making it easy to manage all aspects of marketing and sales in one place.

Marketing automation

Hubspot’s marketing automation tools allow manufacturers to create targeted campaigns and automate repetitive tasks.

Lead tracking and scoring

Hubspot’s Sales CRM enables manufacturers to track leads and assign scores to them, so they can prioritize their efforts and focus on the most promising prospects.

Pipeline management

Hubspot’s Sales CRM makes it easy to manage sales pipelines, so manufacturers can track deals, forecast revenue, and identify areas for improvement.

Custom reporting

Hubspot’s reporting features provide manufacturers with detailed insights into their marketing and sales performance, so they can make data-driven decisions.

Email marketing

Hubspot’s email marketing tools allow manufacturers to create professional-looking emails and track their performance.

Social media management

Hubspot’s social media tools enable manufacturers to schedule posts, monitor activity, and track engagement on social media platforms.

SEO optimization

Hubspot’s SEO tools help manufacturers improve their website’s search engine rankings and drive more traffic to their site.

Website analytics

Hubspot’s website analytics tools provide manufacturers with detailed information about their website’s traffic and performance, so they can optimize their site for better results.


Hubspot integrates with a wide range of other tools and platforms, making it easy for manufacturers to connect all of their systems and streamline their workflows.

Overview Video

HubSpot is a powerful CRM platform with many tools. In this short video, you’ll get an overview of how HubSpot can help your marketing, sales, and service teams deliver a seamless customer experience, as well as scale up to meet your customers’ needs at any stage of growth.

Your Partner for Onboarding or Migration

Copley specialists can manage every aspect of your Hubspot implementation and keep you on track with your go-live date. Migrating from another system? No problem. Our team will prepare your data and migrate it seamlessly. No need to worry about custom fields or a legacy application━we’ve done it all.


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