Optimize service operations, improve staff productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction

Infor Service Management software streamlines and enhances various aspects of service delivery, including work order management, scheduling, dispatching, and inventory control. It empowers businesses to efficiently manage their service operations, improve technician productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction. 

Unlike Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, Infor Service Management specifically caters to the unique requirements of service-based businesses, providing specialized functionalities and tools to optimize service delivery processes and address the complexities of field service management.

Key Infor Service Features

Service Request Orders

Centralize requests, automate workflows, assign work orders, schedule resources, track progress, and facilitate communication for streamlined service and increased customer satisfaction.


Automatically assign technicians to service tasks based on their availability, skills, and geographic proximity, thereby optimizing scheduling and reducing response times.


Track contract details, schedule maintenance, manage renewals, rentals, and ensure compliance with contractual obligations, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and revenue generation.

Mobile App

Allow technicians to access service info, update work orders, capture customer signatures, access manuals, and communicate with the central system, improving field service efficiency and accuracy.

Call Center Incidents

Enable call staff to efficiently manage and track customer service requests, create incidents, assign resources, and provide real-time updates for effective resolution and customer satisfaction.

Partners Management

Allows businesses to collaborate and manage relationships with external partners, subcontractors, and suppliers, enabling seamless coordination, resource allocation, and effective service delivery.

Gold-Standard ERP Implementation Services

Copley Consulting Group has been an Infor Gold Channel Partner for nearly 30 years. We offer the expertise and project management resources to make your enterprise’s Infor SyteLine implementation seamless. We’ve helped more than 250 small- to mid-size manufacturers transform their operations worldwide.

Our Service Management Clients

LG Energy Solution Vertech
Flex Energy Solutions
Miller Environmental
American Alarm

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Infor ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is required in order to use Infor Service Management. Infor Service Management is a component of the complete Infor ERP system, specifically designed to address the service management needs of businesses as part of their comprehensive ERP solution.

The cost of Infor Service Management can vary depending on factors such as the size of your organization, your specific requirements, and implementation options. It’s best to contact Copley Consulting Group for accurate and up-to-date information on the cost of the software and implementation services.

The level of user training required for Infor Service Management can vary based on factors such as the complexity of the implementation, existing system familiarity, and user roles. The software is intuitive and service techs can be up and running in the mobile app quickly. Copley Consulting Group can oversee the onboarding process, which includes training and resources to ensure that your teams can effectively utilize the software.


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