Who is Mastercool?

Mastercool is a family-owned company that has supplied professional quality air conditioning service tools and equipment for over 35 years. As one of the fastest-growing companies in this market, their never-ending focus is on innovation and new technology. Mastercool products are distributed in over 76 countries.

The Copley Consulting Group implemented a cloud-based ERP solution across Mastercool’s organization to help centralize their IT infrastructure and automate the company’s business processes in order to increase transaction and reporting efficiency. After implementing Infor CSI with Copley, Mastercool benefited from a significant cost savings and easier management of their ERP system.

Business Challenges

  • Inefficient reporting efforts with manual processes
  • Decentralized IT infrastructure
  • Lack the ability to automate processes
  • No access to real-time information


  • Real-time feedback for a better understanding of their business and advancing their growth trajectory
  • Automate business processes with increased visibility into the overall operations
  • Reduced in-house resources by moving to the cloud environment
  • Accelerated growth and saved valuable time and money
  • Streamlined operations and reduced IT investment


“In the past, we didn’t have the ability to automate many of our business processes or have access to real-time information vital to our operations. With Copley and Infor CloudSuite Industrial we will be able to streamline operations and reduce IT investment, while giving us the necessary tools needed to make better business decisions, ultimately accelerating our growth and saving valuable time and money. ”

Alan Nili,
Operations Coordinator at Mastercool