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  • Oversee Multiple Sites in One Simple Database
  • A Hybrid Model for Sites and Entities
  • Comprehensive Multi-Site Management for All of Your Needs

While Infor CloudSuite Industrial is inherently a multi-company, multi-site, multi-lingual, and multi-currency solution, CloudSuite Industrial Multi-Site Management allows your companies to work together or separately based on your needs. A “site” or organization/company represents any place where work is done. So, a “site” may correspond to company headquarters, a manufacturing plant, or a distribution center.

A Hybrid Model for Sites and Entities

Often, sites have relationships with each other and combine to form financial entities, supply parts, shop to customers, and share administrative functions. If sites report to financial reporting units, these are called “entities” and are the highest-level organizational component. Entities have specific currencies, charts of accounts, and the ability to produce financial statements. For financial reporting purposes, you can group sites under a particular entity, but sites can only belong to one entity. With CloudSuite Industrial Multi-Site Management, sites can be set up in multiple databases, within a single database, or a combination of both in a hybrid model.

Example of a demo form showing a site-specific setup in the Infor Multi-Asset Management software
Example of a demo form showing a site-specific setup in the Infor Multi-Site Management software

Comprehensive Multi-Site Management for All of Your Company’s Needs

Whether you need intercompany inventory transfers or centralized order entry, purchasing or planning, or just want to consolidate your financials, CloudSuite Industrial Multi-Site Management can do it all:

  • Inter-Site and Warehouse Transfers
    Multi-Site Management provides functionality for any one site to enter a Quantity Move or Transfer Order for items to be received at that site from an additional shipping site. It also provides the same functionality for items to be shipped to an additional receiving site.
  • Centralized and Decentralized Order Entry
    With multi-site order entry, you can check credits, receive inventory insight, and enter an order that spans across sites. In decentralized environments, you can enter an order at any site.
  • Centralized Purchasing
    A multi-site PO takes advantage of quantity breaks from the vendor for items that are required at multiple sites. This accumulates quantities of like items to determine the best quantity break available. You can also print documentation from various sites and perform vendor maintenance across multiple sites.
  • Linked MRP and APS
    Multi-Site Management supports site-based, linked MRP and APS. When running the planning activity in global mode, activity regenerates the plan at each site in order of priority. The activity generates planned transfer orders for transfer items across sites.
  • Transfer Accounting
    Multi-Site Management provides parameter set-up for profit/cost eliminations and offers separate account tracking for inter-company profit, cost, accounts receivable, accounts payable, sales, and cost of sales.
  • Voucher Builder
    Quickly create a voucher for a single vendor’s invoice in one or more sites. On any site, you can specify the portion of the vendor invoice amounts to allocate and enter all or some subset of the vendor invoice amounts.
  • Journal Processing
    The multi-site journal processing activity allows for the creation of a single journal processing form that will distribute transactional information into each site’s respective journal.
  • Items, Customers, and Vendors
    This allows you to set up items, new customers, and vendors on a master site and copy these records to other sites.
  • Copy of Bills and Materials
    Enables the copying of bills and materials from one site to another.
  • Vouchering
    Multi-site vouchering functions enable a single user to create a cross-site voucher based on PO-generated receipts.
  • Invoicing
    Multi-site invoicing enables a single user to generate and print invoices for CO shipments and returns in multiple target sites from one base site.

Gold-Standard ERP Implementation Services

Copley Consulting Group has been an Infor Gold Channel Partner for nearly 30 years. We offer the expertise and project management resources to make your enterprise’s CloudSuite Industrial’s Multi-Site Management implementation seamless. We’ve helped more than 250 small- to mid-size manufacturers transform their operations worldwide.


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