The Business Analytics Challenge
Managing sales territories across dispersed teams and product offerings for complex companies in the life science industry can be challenging. In order to drive better results, sales manager need a complete view of performance throughout the sales organization.

Whether on the road or in the office, individual sales representatives need the ability to target the right areas, plan calls and visits, as well as be able to measure their own performance. To reach these objectives, it often requires some time consuming, and possibly error prone, manual data aggregation from multiple sources.

The Business Analytics Solution
With business analytics for life sciences and sales automation, high-performance apps can be created to help companies plan, assess, and manage territories with greater efficiency and effectiveness. Self-service BI apps make relevant information available to sales managers, team and reps – anywhere and at any time. With business analytics, sales teams can:

  • Track and measure real-time sales performance by country, region, state, rep, and product or portfolio on dashboards and scorecards
  • Compare performance and drill down for details to drive better results
  • Increase visibility into physician influencers and key opinion leaders (KOLs)
  • Improve territory planning and call effectiveness
  • Target physicians proactively versus merely reporting on past interactions
  • View new e-detailing updates in seconds
  • Analyze data ranging from TRx/NRx, market %, physician profile, and call frequency

The amount of competition in the life sciences market is continuing to increase rapidly, causing sales teams to be put under more pressure than ever. With analytics, they are able to gain a competitive advantage and have deeper insight into not only past data, but also visualizations that will provide predictive analysis of future prospect behavior.

Choosing an Analytics Consultant
There are few industries as complex and data intensive as manufacturing organizations. The Copley Consulting Group knows there are several factors to determine the right fit for your organization. When working to implement your analytics solution, Copley can provide the technology and support needed for your specific industry and business. To discuss an analytics solution for your organization, complete our contact form, call us at 855-884-5305, or email us at