SteriCare™ Solutions, a brand of Nurse Assist, Inc., is a global leader in medical grade water and saline products designed for irrigation, wound care and prefilled syringes. The company has achieved an important milestone in having completed the successful deployment of the Infor SyteLine ERP platform. Migrating from a legacy solution with limited functionality, SteriCare™ Solutions has seen significant improvement in overall visibility into key business functions, highlighted by enhanced shop floor control reporting and feedback, timely financial reporting, and more efficient data capturing related to quality control. Utilizing Copley’s FDA Solution, SteriCare™ Solutions is moving swiftly away from paper intensive processes related to compliancy and validation.

Kevin Seifert, CEO and President of Nurse Assist commented: “We chose The Copley Consulting Group as our partner for this major infrastructure project because of their experience and tremendous support. They worked side-by-side with the Nurse Assist Team to understand our business. Together we have aligned our efforts and the result is an essential tool that enables our business to meet and exceed our customer’s needs”.

As Matt Picha, VP of Operations stated: “The deployment of the Infor SyteLine ERP solution is a gamechanger for SteriCare™. The Infor SyteLine ERP gives a complete start to finish visibility in the manufacturing process. This addresses the digital transformation with a platform and a partner that recognizes and responds to the nuances of an FDA regulated enterprise, making it possible to achieve our goals. In partnership with The Copley Consulting Group and Infor we have a foundation to continue and accelerate our growth trajectory”.

“The success of this project extends beyond the functional robustness of the Infor SyteLine ERP platform and SteriCare’s ™ adoption”, stated Rob Rosenbaum, Copley’s Director of Professional Services. “The synergy between Copley’s and SteriCare’s ™ project team provided a strong foundation to facilitate change management complementary, and necessary to any successful deployment of a comprehensive ERP platform.” Rosenbaum added, “we look forward to the on-going partnership with SteriCare™ as they refine and expand the use of the SyteLine solution”.

About SteriCare™ Solutions, a brand of Nurse Assist, Inc.
Specializing in High quality patient care products since 1999, SteriCare™ Solutions is a brand of Nurse Assist, INC., Which specializes in manufacturing medical grade water products used throughout the world. The SteriCare™ Solutions portfolio offers clinicians the ability to care for their patients worldwide.

About Copley
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