In a world that is filled with disastrous news, for 10 seconds, all eyes were locked onto the sky as we watched the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket booster launch two astronauts to the stars, and for those brief moments, we realized that humanity was always built for something bigger.

In truth, the SpaceX launch was “a welcome reminder of America’s global pre-eminence in science, technological innovation and private enterprise at a time its prospects and ambitions have been clouded by the coronavirus pandemic, economic uncertainty and political strife.” (NY Times)

Launching a Better Business Solution
Now more than ever, we realize exactly how vital innovative technology is to the growth of our businesses. Because of A.I. and machine learning, we watched the Falcon 9 rocket booster not plummet to the ocean depths, millions of capital dollars lost, but instead, return safely to the exact center of a drone ship’s platform in the middle of the ocean, ready to be re-used whenever. Thanks to innovative technology, we now see the impact it plays in making discovery not just possible, but renewable, more affordable and even routine. A.I.-guided rocket boosters and drone ships are not a thing of a sci-fi future but are the very normal and predictable results of a business using technology to its fullest potential. But using innovative technology at that level requires a commitment to modernization. And both large corporations and SMBs, when they’ve outgrown their old technology, should also be looking ahead, specifically up, and commit to investing a portion of their capital into solutions that allow them to innovate as well. We’re talking about moving to the cloud.

It’s Better in the Cloud
Upgrading or updating your technology, especially your legacy system, will be a key factor in keeping your business growing and keeping you on the forefront of innovation. Everyone, from your customers to your workers to your stakeholders, relies on you to stay efficient, profitable and competitive. Are your current technology capabilities letting them down? Even though it’s hard to take a bite out of your capital to invest in modernization, by doing so, you are committing to a future of increased productivity and financial growth. This key moment in your company may make you feel uneasy, but it should also make you feel proud: modernization is a rite of passage for all successful companies. You are announcing to the world that your company has outgrown its current technology, and it’s time to “level up.”

Committing to Your Company’s Future
Think of it this way. The stakes may be costlier if you do not invest in updating or upgrading your legacy system. But you have options. Upgrading and staying on-premises requires overhead and capital expenses that cloud-based platforms do not. Utilizing cloud solutions will help you convert your software from a capital to an operational expense, freeing up your funds to invest in expansion and new business opportunities while avoiding many of the costs of an on-premise hosted deployment. Switching to a modern cloud ERP subscription service may be the better move for SMBs who have outgrown their current manual processes or legacy systems but don’t have access to large amounts of capital to make the upgrade on-premise.

Limitless Possibilities…Now
Once your company moves to the cloud, you’ll see just how limiting your outdated system was. Especially when you realize you can now transform your “IT department into a new revenue-generating powerhouse,”(2) you can now easily comply with constantly changing business regulations on a global level, you can now increase company collaboration with out taking on increased risk, you can now access upgrades quickly and hassle-free to stay current, and last but not least, you can now innovate faster.

But the best benefit of operating in the cloud is that you can now access technology other platforms cannot, like A.I. and machine learning, the same type of technology that not only put spacefarers Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley onto the International Space Station but also guided the Falcon 9 booster safely and securely back to earth. What will be next for your company?

Who Can Help?
When talking about upgrading and moving to the cloud, you will need the guidance of an expert with experience. If you would like to discuss updating your legacy system, contact Copley at or 855.884.5305 and we can work with you to assess your current system and talk about rocketing your business into the next steps of modernization.

1 “SpaceX Launch: Highlights From NASA Astronaut’s Trip to Orbit,” New York Times. The New York Times Company, 2020., 2 “Why Move to the Cloud,” Executive Brief. INFOR. 2020

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