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  • Quality Control Support Across the Enterprise
  • Build Strong Supplier Relationships
  • Seamlessly Monitor Quality Requirements
  • Accurately Measure Customer Satisfaction

Customers require precise specifications for products and organizations require the same of suppliers. Meeting these standards while complying with government regulations and providing quality records to auditors and customers can be challenging. This is particularly true for more regulated industries like medical device manufacturing and life sciences, which need to follow more stringent quality control guidelines.

Infor CloudSuite Quality not only supports activities like receiving, manufacturing, shipping, and returns, but manages more advanced quality activities as well, including quality incidents, change management, and responses to audit findings. Infor CloudSuite Quality is built to help you manage quality requirements that span every facet of your organization, including:

  • Non-conformance
  • Quick reporting of quality issues
  • Calibration Management
  • Corrective and preventative (CAPA) Management
  • Cost of quality
  • Record inspection results

Build Strong Supplier Relationships

Managing your supplies can be a hassle, but CloudSuite Quality simplifies the process by tracking vendor communications and quality control (QC) status from start to finish. The receiving process of this module puts material in a QC holding area pending disposition, then inspects and assigns the material to inventory for production or tracks non-conforming material to its final disposition. CloudSuite Quality automatically calculates vendor product quality and delivery performance so your organization can develop more solid relationships with your suppliers.

Seamlessly Monitor Quality Requirements

From sign-offs and test results to recording defects and disposition of materials, tracking quality requirements often becomes a chore. CloudSuite Quality supports all CloudSuite Industrial production methods and allows you to enter all details while in a job, including disposition, non-conformance tracking, cost of quality, test results, defects, and failures.

CloudSuite Quality also reports the cost of scrap, including labor, material, and overhead and lets you track each nonconforming item and capture the associated costs of quality. In addition, when a job requires you to send material outside for processing, CloudSuite Quality prints paperwork to attach to the product when it leaves your facility and when it returns again.

Accurately Measure Customer Satisfaction

Customers may require you to ship paperwork with each product to confirm that you have met regulatory or customer requirements. CloudSuite Quality improves your work process by identifying which items require such confirmation and ensuring that these items are routed through QC prior to shipping. You can record inspection results, print necessary paperwork and then tag the product as accepted and ready to ship.

The Customer Complaint Reporting function helps you respond to feedback from your customers, assign responsibility, track your internal review and corrective action, and measure customer satisfaction.

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