A Transformational ERP
& the Expertise to Harness It

The only multi-tenant cloud enterprise solution infrastructure that delivers industry, cross-industry, operational, and technology platform capabilities.

To drive constant innovation in the enterprise, Infor business applications are specialized by industry and built for the cloud to enable a global supply chain, networked analytics, and an artificial intelligence-led user experience.

Industry Specific Solutions

Infor SyteLine

Infor’s SyteLine is a fully integrated, industry-specific ERP solution suite which can be deployed in the cloud or on premise.

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FDA Extended ERP Solution

An extension of Infor’s SyteLine to support the required compliance mandates for all FDA regulated industries.

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Copley Implementation Services

The Copley Consulting Group utilizes a formalized but flexible approach for program management, execution and reporting based on detailed budgets, scheduled tasks and activities developed specifically for each engagement. Your success is directly attributed to the Program Management activities that guide you through the corporate change management necessary to garner the full benefits of an ERP suite.

Enhance your organization’s value proposition by optimizing your processes. When you combine your knowledge of the business with the understanding of best business practices by the Copley consultants within a workshop setting, you achieve dramatic business improvements in all areas of your business. The workshop model allows you to understand all possible outcomes within the implementation, align them with your personal business objectives, and map out the optimized path to fulfill your corporate vision.

Unlike organizations that provide generic training, Copley provides tailored classes to the specific implementation. This approach allows you to leverage the full power of the solution throughout your entire user community. Once you’ve established the best business practices for your organization using the Infor CloudSuite solution, you need to convey the new methods to your end user community.

The ERP conference room pilot is your proof case that all business processes have been optimized within the solution, that the passing of information between departments/users is seamless and accurate and that your personnel are ready to conduct your business within CloudSuite. This “day in a life dress rehearsal” instills the confidence in your team needed to move forward with realizing the ROI that the advanced ERP solution can provide.

Your successful implementation depends upon our on-site support to guide the process and mitigate any potential issues during your ERP Go Live milestone. Together we accomplish this through comprehensive planning of all essential events, monitoring of activities and results, and an on-site presence from our support team. This unified approach ensures predictable results from your processes, conducted by your personnel, which creates the foundation for your organization’s future success for decades to come.

Improve the efficiency of your regulatory team with prepackaged templates. If your regulatory personnel have experience in leading an FDA Validation project that included the back-end ERP software, then you can leverage your internal resources by having them take the lead in the process. To support their efforts and to maximize their efficiency, the Copley FDA Validation Templates provide guidance to streamline their workload.

Test cases improves adherence to standards while documenting GMP risk processes. The extensive, detailed documentation required in support of your OPQ report can be burdensome to your organization, with errors requiring significant rework. The operational and performance validation scripts, developed specifically for the Infor Cloudsuite solution, help you reduce the effort, and lessens the risk of errors by facilitating compliance with these stringent requirements. Copley currently provides sixteen different tests cases for various GMP Risk areas.

Industries We Serve